Breast-Mimic baby bottles

5" Tall with up to 7oz. capacity.
3" Breast Mimicking Nipple.
Ready to feed with preloaded design.
Includes Primary flow rate nipples.
$17.99 (2-Pack)    Only$8.99per bottle.
Modern Pink 
Cute Pink 
Stylish White 
Modern Blue 
Cute Blue 
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The Best Baby Bottle For A Natural Experience

Inttero's baby bottle was designed with you and your baby as our first priority. Whether using breast milk or formula; our nipple, ventilation valve and bottle's design work together to create a wonderful natural feeding experience every time.

Our nipples have shown specially good results with the most difficult babies' needs; in most cases eliminating the common reflux or spits ups from the very first use.

Inttero's nipple mimics a natural size, shape and feeling of a mom’s breast

to maintain the same breastfeeding experience between breast and bottle feeding. Its unique design even allows you to squeeze the nipple as the baby is suckling, closely recreating the natural practice of a breastfeeding experience.

Easy Anti-colic air-free vent

especially designed to maintain maximum air ventilation even when the bottle is fully loaded. Our unique extra-long and wide valve, mimics the natural pressure of breastfeeding and creates a perfect passageway for air to travel directly above the surface of the liquid while feeding; preventing colic while creating an incredibly easy feeding time for your baby. Nipple Air Vent
Preload Formula and water Design

Inttero's Patented baby bottle is designed to preload formula and water

ahead of time and safely be stored away. Later, at the first signs of your baby’s hunger, simply push the textured band around the nipple and shake. As quickly as just 2 seconds, you will have a completely fresh formula mix ready to start feeding your baby
…at any time of the day or night!

All of these attributes working together for the first time in a single bottle created the truly
New Generation of Baby Bottles.

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