Inttero’s Magic

A baby’s cry is one of the most stressful sounds to parents. We are hardwired to react to that sound and cater to our baby’s needs. Your baby cries because she is stressed - she needs something but cannot express it to you in any other way. In most cases, several times a day, every day, she is just hungry! In those cases, the faster she receives food, the less stress she experiences. What parent does not want to reduce their child’s stress?

Before the baby bottle, babies received almost instant gratification from their mother’s breast. There is/was little prep time. The invention of baby bottles in 1841 was a much-needed solution for situations where breastfeeding was not possible or practical. But they also required additional prep time, adding unhealthy stress for both parent and baby!  

How did Inttero perfect a design that parents have used for EVERY child born in over a century? Well, it was not easy! We asked parents around the world about their experience with traditional baby bottles; we specifically asked them about the frustrations they experienced while feeding their babies! We then used that invaluable feedback, from parents just like you, and spent thousands of hours designing the perfect baby bottle that eliminates all the frustrations experienced by parents around the world! From prep-time to “bottle rejection”, we solved them all! Yes, all of them!

Inttero did not eliminate the prep time, we just moved it forward in the process to a time when neither you nor your baby is stressed! At the first signs of hunger, you can have a bottle ready in 2 to 3 seconds. Stress free! Yes, you read that correctly! With our bottle you can have a meal ready in just a few seconds so both you and your baby can bond during the feeding experience!

The Inttero team’s patented design provides a safe and simple-to-use bottle that stores formula powder and water, keeping them separated until the right time to feed your baby. You will need just one special tool to activate the bottle and mix the ingredients...   your fingertip! When it’s time to feed your baby, simply press the bottom of the nipple with your fingertip, blending the preloaded formula and water to create a fresh meal in just a couple shakes of the bottle. Ahh, instant stress relief for you and your baby!

We didn't stop there, for the first time; a perfect nipple that includes a real breast like design and a very well-balanced ventilation valve, bring the perfect feeding experience for your baby that is only compared with real breastfeeding.  These very clever and unique attributes working together, solved the most important problems in all other baby bottles in history.  

...From now on, inttero is known as the new generation of baby bottles!